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SaaS Platform software, which integrates a variety of applications such as (CRM), O2O marketing, analytics, loyalty & membership management, and voucher systems and can be customized for specific business needs and deployed across corporate networks on a variety of cloud platforms. 

The part of customers they are usually pay a subscription fee by often monthly to access the application. Some subscriptions are based upon how much data needs to be stored, the number of users who will access the application, or the level of technical support desired. 

AT Rewards can satisfy customer needs, merchants will have their own portal as well as merchant-side app to use. We have more than a thousand SME using our L-a-a-S and become part of our ecosystem. 

Buy now pay later

Buy now pay later is a new way of consumer purchase, which allow consumers to pay in instalments . Give customers a way to purchase less upfront and give them the freedom to buy. Asiatop Loyalty has entered this new and expanding consumer finance arena and transformed itself to become a leading fintech company.

The synergies are very obvious here as we have very good relationship with our 5000+ merchants and not only we are directly paying customers to our merchant network, we are offering consumers’ preferred payment methods, which means merchants can attract new customers, boost conversion rates and uplift lifetime value.

Our 1m+ Customers could stretch their dollars further by allowing them to make few simply instalment instead of paying all at once, help them to buy and spend more in a tight budget. We are leveraging our skills in designing the user journey that they can shop with ease.

Pre-Paid Card
(pay for anything from anywhere)

Using a prepaid card is great option for two reasons: it doesn’t involve the fees of a credit card, and it’s safer than carrying enough cash to purchase a business solution that requires a significant investment. You won’t receive a bill at the end of the month, and you avoid carrying a wad of cash that makes it look like you earn money as a pool shark.

Also, the loyalty points that our members earn will never expire and will be used in all the merchants that accept our co-brand cards everywhere in the world with the UnionPay logo.

Our card value proposition will be superior and allow our members with exclusive offers across shopping malls.

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